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Legal requirements for builders mean that one has to be concerned with the safety of your employees and sub-contractors who are working at your construction sites. A basic safety requirement is scaffolding, to ensure the safety of your workers when they are working on site at construction or renovation jobs.

Scaffold platforms from Aztex Equipment are easy to erect and dismantle. After all, we take pride in providing safe, easy-to-use, reliable scaffolding solutions for a diverse range of jobs and different requirements and conditions of building sites.

Medium Duty ScaffoldApart from the safety aspect, scaffolding plays a crucial role in supporting workers in the repairs and construction of buildings and other structures. Our scaffolding range offers mobile aluminium towers in many different sizes. If you consider Aztex Equipment for scaffold platforms, you can find these support structures, which are specially designed to meet Australian Standards, extremely useful for your construction requirements.

Our vast range scaffolding enables you to erect on your site as a DIY project. We carry a full range of aluminium scaffold. As well, our scaffold structures are designed to withstand inclement weather conditions.

Scaffolding Hire Sydney. At Aztex Equipment, components of scaffold structures are well maintained and kept to the highest standards. We check them after every scaffold hire job for damage and clean them to make them available for the next job. With our experience and extensive hire range, we can estimate the required components for any job. All our scaffolding components are easy to stack and are also transportable. You can count on Aztex Equipment for all your scaffold hire needs. We provide delivery of these scaffolding components throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. What’s more, our charges for hire and delivery are very reasonable. So, whenever you need scaffold platforms for safety and support on construction or repair sites, contact Aztex Equipment and get the best solutions for all your scaffolding requirements.

Mobile Aluminium Scaffold Hire Rates – Per Week

3m/10ft – $77.00 + GST

4m/13ft – $100.00 + GST

5m/16ft – $125.00 + GST

6m/20ft – $150.00 + GST

Other heights available to 11m/36ft Contact us for more information.

Delivery charges apply, please confirm.