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We offer a wide range of pumps for different applications. These range from use in camping, fire fighting and other emergency situation to large capacity pumping on site in mining and construction. Chances are there is a pump for your specific requirements.

All pumps are characterized by heavy duty features and made tough for long service life. Other features include easy starting, quiet running, easy operation, low maintenance and long running time.

PTG Series Petrol Pumps

PTG Series Petrol Pumps – Centrifugal pumps which are low cost and low maintenance. Self-priming and efficient, these pumps are very economical to run, with directly coupled pump. Compact, PTG pumps are water resistant, with ceramic-carbon seal and special cast iron impellers. Only one easy-to-repair wearing part (a seal), the centrifugal pump needs no lubrication, gears, pistons or diaphragms.

PTX Series Petrol Pumps

PTX Series Petrol Pumps – Centrifugal pumps that are simple, low cost and low maintenance. Self-priming, efficient and economical to use, these pumps are ideal for a wide range of general applications.

Powered by the highly-advanced EX overhead camp petrol engines, these pumps are very quiet in operation (2 dBA more quiet than other engines in the same class). Easy to start with no kick-back, even at -10°C. PTX pumps have low fuel consumption.

Portable Petrol Pumps

Portable Petrol Pumps – Centrifugal pumps that are simple, low cost and low maintenance. Simple, compact and lightweight, these pumps are adaptable to high speeds and will work in a wide range of applications.

Compact design makes these pumps ideal for use where portability is required. Efficient, economical operation is assured by directly couple pump, which guarantees that power is not lost. Also has low emissions, meeting EPS Phase 2 and CARB Tier II requirements.

Diesel Pumps

Diesel Pumps – Heavy duty diesel powered pumps, which are low maintenance and ideal for mining and other industries where diesel is preferred to petrol. Self-priming, efficient, economical operation, assured by directly coupled pump. Provides compactness and guarantees that power is not lost.

Corrosion resistant, using a mechanical seal and impellers of special cast iron. Heavy cast iron volute guarantees low maintenance.

Trash Pumps

Trash Pumps – These pumps are used to handle larger solids and debris, in heavy duty de-watering applications. Uses deep impeller vanes to produce the largest discharge capacity possible. The lare volute means that these pumps can pass water with suspended sticks, stones and other debris, without clogging or harming pump content.

These units are self-priming centrifugal pumps, which are designed to more high volumes of water quickly, with solids present, without clogging.

Fire Fighting Pumps

Fire Fighting Pumps – Utilizing single and twin impeller, available in petrol and diesel models, these pumps are extremely reliable. Improved service life because of aluminium impeller/s. Bolt-on replaceable suction port enables quick and easy replacement if inlet is cracked or thread is damaged.

Features cast ire on diffuser, metal delivery outlet caps and high quality cast aluminium pump body. Other features include spart arrestor muffler, double fuel filter system and a serviceable carburetor to reduce costs. Double ball bearing crankshaft, pointless ignition system and cast iron cylinder liner are the other features.

Waste Industrial Pumps

Waste Industrial Pumps – Heavy duty pumps ideal for use in mining, agricultural, marine, oil and gas, and other industrial applications.

The range includes:

– A centrifugal stainless steel petrol model to pump chemicals wastewater, saltwater and caustic materials;
– High performance, self-priming centrifugal transfer models for pumping waste, water and chemicals. Constructed of corrosion-resistant polyester, with 316 stainless steel fasteners throughout and stainless steel shaft seal, with carbon and ceramic faces.

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