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Lawn And Garden

This range includes a number of brands for varying use in lawn and garden maintenance. The range includes:

Ings Vertimower

Ings Vertimower – Wide (17”) cutting swath, with heavy gauge steel frame and ribbon steel blades (available with or without tungsten tips). A 26” slasher is also available.

BlueBird Lawn Aerator

BlueBird Lawn Aerator – With rotating tines for easy turning and improved maneuverability. Adjustable rear wheels allow better control of penetration depth of the hardened-steel, cylindrical tines. Two solid weights can be easily removed of added to offer optimal soil penetration and balance in slope aeration.

BlueBird Sod/Turf Cutter

BlueBird Sod/Turf Cutter – Possibly the smoothest and most stable sod cutter on the market today. Features four-wheel drive transmission and low centre of gravity.

BlueBird Stump Grinder

BlueBird Stump Grinder – Make easy work of grinding stumps with 14” diameter blade, with carbide-tipped teeth. Variable cutting depth of up to 12”. Commercial power with high productivity, the grinder has a 13.5 hp engine.

BlueBird Vertimower

BlueBird Vertimower – Covers 18” swath, features interchangeable flail blades for removing matted thatch, Delta slicing blade for thinning running stem grasses, or spring tine reels for removing manicured lawns.

Robin Blowers/Blower Vacs

Robin Blowers/Blower Vacs – Lightweight and powerful, will handle up to 10.1 m3/min. Suitable for light domestic to heavy commercial.

Ings Turf Cutter

Ings Turf Cutter – A versatile machine, this unit has a wedged blade driven by an oscillating cam to cut to a depth of 1-10 cm. It is possible to cut up to 50 m per minute, depending on condition. Other capabilities cover: Turf Slitting, using three, four or five vertical blades to break down compaction on golf and bowling greens and so on; Trenching, with a V-shaped blade, this will cut into turf for laying reticulation pipes, etc.; Mole Draining, using a bullet shaped blade to allow the laying of conduit and the like underground.

Robin Brushcutters

Robin Brushcutters – Available in a wide range of models, to suite the home gardener and also professional users. Models range from the professional back pack model, to a number of straight shaft units and a bent shaft model.

Robin Hedgetrimmers

Robin Hedgetrimmers – Double edged trimmers with real cutting power to tackle the toughest jobs. Sport adjustable handle to allow convenient trimming from the left or right of the operator.

Groundhog Trenchers

Groundhog Trenchers – Tough range of trenchers that are highly reliable and very economical to run. Feature shark tooth chain made from carbide-tipped rock type bits, that are replaceable. Will handle a wide variety of ground.

Robin Backpack Blower

Robin Backpack Blower – Four-stroke power to get the job done, with 20% lower fuel consumption than same size 2-stroke blower. Joy stick handle for operator comfort.

Robin Backpack Sprayer

Robin Backpack Sprayer – Ideal for applying fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, disinfectant and other liquid chemicals. 4-stroke power.

Groundhog Post Hole Diggers

Groundhog Post Hole Diggers – Available in one and two-man models, ideal workhorses for the toughest drilling jobs.

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