Subaru – Generators



Highly reliable, industrial quality generators for use in mining, construction, hire and recreation. There are a wide number of petrol and diesel powered models. The different types cover:

Standard Condenser Type Standard Condenser Type – This type of generator is ideal for use with power tools and resistive loads like kettles, toasters, lights and so on which do not require accuracy of power supply. Features a low maintenance design.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) – Ideal for more sensitive equipment and when the generator will be use to start electric motors. Provides more stable voltage output, to compensate for variation in voltage from load changes.

Inverter Inverter – Features electronic voltage control, these type of generator is ideal for use with sensitive equipment like computer. Inverter control allows the generator to maintain an extremely high accuracy level of voltage and frequency fluctuation, with very low wave distortion. These generators allow for the engine speed to be automatically adjusted in direct proportion to the load applied maximizing fuel efficiency, while maintaining 240 V (50 cycles) supply.

Remember that your power requirements should be understood before choosing a particular generator. Note that electric motors consume approximately three times the need of the appliance for start up.

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