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General Trade

We carry a wide range of equipment for used in construction to cover just about every requirement.

High Pressure Washers

High Pressure Washers – Portable washers with great power to handle the toughest washing, degreasing, descalingand disinfecting requirements.

Kango Hammers

Kango Hammers – Two models: a demolition hammer and combi hammer, with powerful 1600/1700 W motors for the toughest applications.

Earlex Steam Master Wallpaper Stripper

Earlex Steam Master Wallpaper Stripper – A professional wallpaper stripper that tough to take all types of wallpaper, including vinyl’s, painted, multi-layered surfaces.

Powered Cement Mixers

Powered Cement Mixers – Available in a range of models, in petrol, diesel and electric tip-up or side-tip configuration.

Panel Lift Drywall Lifter

Panel Lift Drywall Lifter – Easy one-person operation, will reach up to 3.3 m (11′).

Dustless Sanders

Dustless Sanders – Effortlessly sands ceiling and walls, with less operator fatigue, easily reaches 3 m high ceiling and features swivel-mounted head to sand all surface angles.

Earlex Spray Station

Earlex Spray Station – Easy to use spray painting machine, ideal for spraying a wide range of substances, ranging from lacquers varnishes to smooth masonry paint. Will handle HVLP requirements. Less paint wastage than a brush or roller.

Tile Saw

Tile Saw – Professional rail tile saw, with guide rail for cutting large tiles.

Industrial Brick Saws

Industrial Brick Saws – Heavy duty brick saws available in petrol and electric models to suit most requirements.

BlueBird Floor Crane

BlueBird Floor Crane – A knockdown lift with book hook that rotates 360°. Easy to use and highly portable.

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