Subaru – Flooring



A wide range of sanding and other floor preparation machines.

Silver-Line Floor Sander Silver-Line Floor Sander – Provides professional results every time, with constant speed of 1800 rpm, to prevent gouging.

Silver-Line SL7 Floor Edger Silver-Line SL7 Floor Edger – Will handle the toughest jobs, with well-weighted and balanced powerful motor that deliveries 3600 rpm for fast smooth cutting.

Deva Floor Sander Drum Deva Floor Sander Drum – Ideal for hardwood floors, solidly-built, operator-friendly, will give superior sanding results.

Deva Floor Sander Orbital Deva Floor Sander Orbital – Ideal for sanding wooden floors, where a precise smooth finish is a must.

Squar Buff Floor Sander Orbital Squar Buff Floor Sander Orbital – Great circular movement, ideal for sanding and refinishing floor with the wood gran in different directions (e.g., parquet floors).

Floor Stripper Floor Stripper – Powerful floor stripper which will remove glued carpet, vinyl and vinyl tiles without leaving glue residue.

Porta-Nailer Porta-Nailer – Handles all flooring challenges, ideal for larger jobs. Provides accurate nailing resulting in the tightest wood flooring.

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