Subaru – EH Engines – EH65DS – 22.0 HP


EH Engines – EH65DS – 22.0 HP

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EH Engines – EH65DS – 22.0 HP SUBARU EH Engine Series – Air Cooled, 4-Cycle, Horizontal & Vertical PTO Shaft Petrol Engines(Vertical Shaft only available V-Twins). Available from 4.0hp to 25hp.

(OHV) Overhead Valves Located in the Cylinder Head.

Valve actuation is via pushrod and rocker arm. In a four-stroke engine, the intake and exhaust valves are in the cylinder head. The valve stems are either at an angle or parallel, and the valve discs face the piston.

The upright cylinder on the SUBARU EH Series enables optimum lubrication and better performance when operated tilted. In combination with the overhead valve design, the use of expander oil rings has reduced the engine oil consumption rate by 50%. Any of the engines in the new PRO OHV series can easily be started with a light pull of the recoil starter. Electric starters are available as an option for the entire series. Noise emission is reduced and also vibration levels.

Standard Features:

Ideal Power for:

EH64DS–20.5 HP


EH65DS – 22.0 HP


  EH64DS–20.5 HP EH65DS – 22.0 HP
Bore x Stroke (mm) 80×65 80×65
Piston Displacement (cm3) 653 653
Type Air-Cooled V-twin Cylinder, Horizontal Shaft Overhead valve Engine Air-Cooled V-twin Cylinder, Horizontal Shaft Overhead valve Engine
Maximum Output HP(kW)/rpm 20.5(15.3)/3600 22.0(16.4)/3600
Continuous Output Hp(kW)/rpm 11.9(16.0)/3600 12.7(17.0)/3600
Maximum Torque kg m (Nm)/rpm 4.52(44.3)/2200 45.6 (4.65)2500
PTO Shaft Rotation Counter Clockwise Facing PTO Shaft Counter Clockwise Facing PTO Shaft
Fuel Automobile Unleaded Gasoline Automobile Unleaded Gasoline
Lubricating Oil Capacity (L) 1.55(With Filter) 1.55
Ignition System Pointless Electronic Ignition Flywheel magneto (solid state)
Charging System (V-A) 12–15 12–15
Dry Weight (kg) 44.0 44.0
Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 317x477x475 317x477x475
Starting System Electric Starter Electric Starter


The EH64 was chosen by one company to build their fire fighting pumps for a Rural Fire Service because “they are the only small engine I’ve found that has the exhaust coming out the back rather than the front, so fire fighters are not at risk of burning themselves from the heat of the engine. Because of this rear exhaust the fire fighters don’t have to breathe the carbon monoxide fumes from the pump!”

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