Subaru – Concreting



Our range of equipment for use in concreting covers a wide range of products. All units are powered by the extremely reliable Subaru engine.


Scarifier – Works on concrete, asphalt and steel surfaces. Features strong heavy duty heavy duty handle, with easily accessible controls, heavy duty hexagonal drive shaft and quality sealed bearings for long life. Operator comfort is assured by anti-vibe mounts.


Compactors – A range of models cover this range of products.

This covers:
– a versatile general purpose compactor, with folding handles, wheels and lifting hook;
– a compactor with reversible handle for greater maneuverability;
– a compactor with front clamp, which allows the fitting of an isolation mat for compacting over brick paving;
– a heavy duty compactor for soil and asphalt compacting, with self-contained water tank, with built-in valve and sprinkler bar

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