Rikishi 7.0

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With an arm mounted directly on the chassis, this little transporter transforms into a rugged yet nimble mini loader. Exceptionally useful and dependable, this unit is perfect for different varieties of digging and shifting work. Like its mini dumper cousin, the Rikishi (Japanese for strong man) is also only 700mm wide, an ideal width to go through standard doorways. With its rubber tracks and rocking roller undercarriage, the Rikishi has great stability and can travel over uneven ground and up to 20° slopes while exerting minimal ground damage. With its hydrostatic transmission (with three pumps) and straightforward controls, the Rikishi provides the operator an effective tool that works to make your job easier.
Rikishi 7.0 - Loaders for Small Site Key Features:

  • Width 700 mm max
  • Length 1875 mm max
  • Height 1030 mm max
  • Travel Speed 0-4 km/h
  • Net weight 380 kg
  • Tipping height 1580 mm at the pivot
  • 4-In-1 Bucket 65 litre capacity
  • Operating load 130 kg
  • Available in petrol and diesel varients