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Cormidi Transporters

Cormidi 50 DealersMoving materials and waste, in bulk, from one place to another at a construction site is indeed a tedious task, especially in narrow access areas. Uneven and wet grounds make transportation of heavy materials even more difficult. Relocating dirt and other materials in bulk from one area of the construction site to another using manual labor is a backbreaking task that consumes alot of energy and time. It is more convenient and efficient to use a machine that can pass through narrow access areas carrying bulky materials easily and without wasting time and energy. Cormidi mini transporters available at Aztex Equipment are perfect solutions for your moving and transportation problems at the construction site.

At Aztex, we offer the Cormidi 50, we also offer the Rikishi 7.0, a unique model in the Cormidi range at AztexCormidi Dealers Equipment. Being highly functional and reliable, the Rikishi 7.0 is ideal for all types of carting and tipping tasks. Its features include a 4-In-1 bucket, hydrostatic transmission (with three pumps), and simple controls that enable you to operate it with convenience.

Our mini dumpers allow not just builders and contractors, but farmers and many other professionals involved in transportation of bulky materials and waste, to move a variety of loads in the most demanding environments, safely and with great convenience. If at any time you need an efficient modern machine to carry materials in bulk from one area to another, get the best solution by choosing one of the Cormidi mini loaders at Aztex Equipment at reasonable rate.

Hire Rates (These rates are inclusive of GST)

    • Rikishi 7.0 Mini Loader $132 per day
    • Cormidi 50 High Tip Mini Dumper $165 per day

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