Brick and Block Elevators

Brick and Block Elevators

Do you need to send bricks and concrete blocks up or down high structures on your construction sites? This is a common difficulty encountered at construction sites and the best solution for this problem is to use a brick elevator. Aztex Equipment design and manufacture highly effective efficient, yet very affordable brick/block elevators to elevate and lower both bricks as well as concrete blocks.

At Aztex Equipment, we offer brick elevators which are 9 m and 5 m in length, with interchangeable petrol engine or weatherproof and reversible 240V electric motor on one standard drive unit base. Features include a removable front castor for ease of handling, positive non-slip handbrake, emergency stop button, and reinforced hinges. The rubber belt is quiet and needs very little maintenance. It is fastened and not spliced as compared to more conventional elevators. The Aztex brick elevator has been designed and built to meet all relevant Australian Safety Standards.

We designed our brick elevator so that it easily tackles applications in single, double, and three storey jobs. Our brick and block elevator has loading capacity of up to 2,000 bricks per hour with the assistance of just 2 workers required. Additionally, this outstanding unit is easily transportable sitting on standard wheelbarrow wheels.

Our brick elevator is specially designed for hire work and can be painted to your company colours, without an extra charge. Our elevator units require minimal maintenance and come with a 12 month warranty. Please contact us to discuss  your brick or block elevator requirements. We’re only to happy to assist.

Contact us at Aztex Equipment for more information, including hire rates.