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Are you finding it difficult to move a scaffolding structure from one area of the construction site to another? You might want to consider mobile scaffold hire from Aztex Equipment to relieve you from the hassles concerned with moving scaffold structures to any required area. We have a range of the lighter aluminium scaffolding available for hire.

Our aluminium mobile towers can be erected by any competent person up to a height where a person or object could fall 4m from the scaffold to the ground. These scaffold structures come in light duty and medium duty. We suggest to never exceed the safe working load limit specified for the scaffold and it is advisable not to mix components of two different scaffolding systems.

It is easy to erect and dismantle our hire mobile scaffold, after completing work at a particular area so that you can carry its parts to a new area to re-assemble the aluminium tower needed to perform your next job. This saves you considerable energy and time, and to a  greater extent cost, when you can shift the individual parts throughout one site easily.

Our aluminium towers do not rust and as a result they last a long time, with failure due to corrosion removed as something to consider. Also, aluminium scaffolding being light in weight, means they are highly transportable from one location to another. We offer high quality and durable scaffold structures so that our customers can rely on us each and every time they face a need for scaffolding. The prime focus of Aztex Equipment is our focus on customer satisfaction. This is why we go out of our way to ensure all our products satisfy our customers’ needs. So, whenever you would need mobile tower scaffolding, contact us to discuss your requirements and receive the most appropriate scaffolding for your needs.

Contact Aztex Equipment for more information. Hire rates can be seen by clicking here.

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