Subaru Drift Car Project

Drift Car Project: Another Side To Aztex Equipment


We here at Aztex Equipment don’t like doing things by halves, and there is no better example of this than our new Aztex drift car project! So without further ado, we are very excited to unveil to the world our crazy Subaru “Drift Monster” drift car!
Drift Car Project: Another Side To Aztex Equipment

With our goal set on competing in the Australian Drift Championships, our very talented tradesmen Drift Car Project: Another Side To Aztex Equipmenthave been spending every spare moment working on this beast-in-progress.

The car was originally a stock front-wheel drive Subaru Impreza, not usually an obvious choice for a drift car, but since we are a Subaru Industrial Engines and Powered Products dealers, we saw the opportunity to build a car that not only had the potential be a unique looking car but also a highly functional, well balanced, competitive drift car! To get there though, the car would have to undergo many cosmetic and mechanical procedures to become what we see before us today.

At first glance, the most obvious modification would have to be the all-steel wide body/2-Door conversion, when combined with the Kei Office (front) and HSD (rear) adjustable coilovers, this unique ride has some serious stance… Can anyone say FAT!!Safety is always a priority when you plan on pushing the limits so a 10 point CDW roll-cage with 4-point racing harnesses were the order of the day, while Bride Low Maz bucket seats hold you (and all your internal organs) in place while sliding sideways round a corner at 160kmh!When it comes to stopping power, a pair of Nissan 4 spot calipers do the job up front while in the back a set of Toyota single piston calipers with hydraulic handbrake round things off.Getting the 17″x10″ D1Rs spinning and smoking is the king of all powerplants, the Toyota 2JZ GTE! Custom engine mounts were fabricated and the firewall was recessed, giving the Drift Monster that ideal 50/50 weight distribution that helps keep it balanced when being thrown hard into those corners.The inlet manifold is from Hypertune, combined with an 80mm throttle body, 6x Injector Dynamics 2000cc injectors and the MASSIVE Garret GT40/78R turbo with 2x38mm wastegates give it all the fuel and air it need to make some serious power figures! Burning all that fuel produces plenty of exhaust gas, the spent gasses exit out a custom 3.5″ exhaust system.When it comes to fuel, a few options were considered before finally deciding on E85 race fuel. Loaded into a custom fuel cell it is fed to the engine via 2x Bosch 044 fuel pumps.Keeping the engine under control is the brain, and in this case it happens to be a pretty big brain at that! Supplied by Adaptronic, it is the top shelf 1280e engine management unit. With all the tuning potential you could ever need, it seemed the logical choice to use when big reliable power is needed.

All that power is fed through the famously bulletproof Toyota R154 5 speed transmission, fitted with a Tilton 800hp rated twin plate brass/ceramic clutch to harness all that power and send it through a custon 1 piece tailshaft to the 1988 Toyota Supra diff/drive shafts (sitting in it’s original Supra cradle – all mounted hapily into the Subi).

Keeping the engine cool is a PWR alloy radiator, while the job of cooling the boosted air goes to another PWR unit, this time it is a PWR water to air intercooler.

Back to the suspension, adjustable coilovers are far from the only modification done to help keep things sideways! Wise fab supplied the Nissan S14 Silvia lower control arm and knuckle kit, matched with a custom front cross-member and the subaru steering rack – albeit with modified arms.

With many more extras and modifications to come, we are positive this car will be one to look out for in the not too distant future!!

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Drift Car Project: Another Side To Aztex Equipment

Drift Car Project: Another Side To Aztex Equipment